Ou vs U 3: learn to distinguish between the French U and OU sounds and the English EW sound

Ou vs U 3 which of these sounds is right?

Distinguish these two French sounds : U and OU

…from the English sound EW (sounds like the ew in “new” or “dew.”)

Note: you will need a pencil and paper for this quiz.

  1. play the sound
  2. write down the 3 sounds you hear
  3. look down through the answers and choose the right one

Take your time and play the sound at least twice. You will probably get many questions wrong the first few times because, as a native English-speaker, you will have a hard time distinguishing the English EW from the French OU. Take the quiz many times. There are a total of 27 questions, but you’ll only get 8 of them each time you take the quiz.

Final advice before you start: when you think you hear OU, do you really hear the deep echoing OU? If not, it’s EW.


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