How to say, “Bonjour.” The three keys to saying it correctly.

There are three keys to saying “bonjour” correctly. First, though it looks like a two-syllable word, you have to think of it as being a three-syllable word, with the R being its own syllable. Second, you need to make the OU from deep in your throat. Finally, you need to pronounce the R in the right place. I’ll explain all of that in this recording.

I hope you enjoy this tip! – David

Video recording I made more recently:

8 thoughts on “How to say, “Bonjour.” The three keys to saying it correctly.

  1. I found it helpful when professors insisted that I learn to use my lips correctly. For some reason Americans don’t like to push their lips forward. But if you remember to push your lips out, as if you were saying in shock “ooooh,” for the OU sound, you succeed. Then to make the U sound, you push the lips out and tighten them.

  2. The three-syllable concept helps us avoid the English habit of the “R” affecting the pronunciation of the preceding vowel. Very valuable !

  3. Hello Colleen, thank you for letting me know you found this useful.
    Regards, David

  4. Hello Amanda,
    you give a great description for what to do with the lips on the U sound. I hope you don’t mind me borrowing that explanation of pushing the lips out and then tightening them?
    As far as English speakers not wanting to push their lips out, but needing to do so, I agree with you. It makes one feel silly to push one’s lips out, however…. I was paying attention to my co-workers’ lip movements in a meeting at work a while back. There were 8 or 9 French people and me sitting around a table, talking. Since I wasn’t the main person talking, I had a chance to just sit back and watch my co-workers’ lips. And yes, their lips were really sticking out when they spoke. Perhaps people who want to see this could find videos of French news presenters and watch for the lips sticking out. Seeing that might help English speakers feel more comfortable (or not so silly) sticking their lips waaaay out.
    Thank you for writing,

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