How to pronounce, “Monsieur”

Don’t make the mistake of trying to pronounce Monsieur as “Mon – sieur.” The actual pronunciation is more like Muh – syuh. Here’s a recording to help you.

Old explanation (before I started making videos and only did audio explanations:

Newer explanation. (Not necessarily better, but the video make help.)

I hope you enjoy this pronunciation tip!

Best regards, David


22 thoughts on “How to pronounce, “Monsieur”

  1. Fun to hear you pronounce these words. The word for
    One eye has alaways been a challenge and also the word for goose. Odd n’est pas ?

  2. Ha! We’re in the same boat! My 6 year old daughter goes to a French school and she is the expert on pronunciation in our house.

  3. Hi David: thanks for reviewing the right way to say “Monsieur.” My French teacher has beaten that into our heads mercilessly.
    I am so jealous of your having a 12-year-old son to tell you how to say things, and probably to teach you all your great knowledge of computers too. You mentioned a daughter in a phone call. How many French kids do you have? Are you a born, native French speaker? Your English accent is just a tad off, to my ears. Best, Jeanne Gail, Belfast, Maine

  4. Thanks for this! I’ve noticed that “monsieur” isn’t pronounced as written, but I didn’t trust my ears!

  5. Hello Amanda,
    Same here. I’ve been pronouncing it correctly (as it turns out) for years, but when it came time to do a lesson, I needed to ask my son for guidance. French words whose pronunciation differs from their spelling are very rare.

  6. Hi Jeanne,
    2 kids, yes. As for my accent, I was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, but by Nebraskans. So I don’t have a true Lowcountry drawl; but I bet you can hear a bit of southern accent slip through from time to time?
    Kind regards,

  7. Hello Therese, I’m glad to hear that I am not alone. Are you tired of getting corrected on the genders of French nouns? Thanks for writing; and have a nice day, David

  8. Thank you for writing, patience. OK: on my list of things to do: un oeil, des yeux and un oie. Regards, David

  9. All the years I’ve studied French and I never paid attention to the proper pronunciation of such a common word.

    Thanks so much.

  10. Thanks as that is a word that is often pronounced incorrectly
    Mimsie in Atlanta

  11. You are welcome, JB!
    On the subject of looking into the pronunciation of words we already know, here is why I double-checked the pronunciation with my son: a couple of years ago, I found out that I had been pronouncing “enregistrer” incorrectly for 20 years. It was a big shock. I realized that I had learned that word BEFORE I learned the correct pronunciation rules.
    Regards, David

  12. Hello Ann Marie,
    I have been asked that by another person. I will do a lesson soon.
    Kind regards,

  13. Ugh, I’ve been saying that simple word wrong, all along! Thank you. But do you know why is it a soft ‘u’ in ‘monsieur, and yet, the same is not true for ‘bonjour’??? I don’t understand why that ‘mon’ sounds like ‘muh’. Is there anything about that that should make sense?

  14. Hello,
    You can think of monsieur as being an exception in that its pronunciation has little connection to its spelling. It is one of the only words I can think of whose pronunciation does not adhere to the rules.
    Best regards,

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