French Oral Gymnastics course – Free!

When I ask French learners what their number-one problem is, most of them say, “Understanding spoken French.” Even those who have been living in France for 5 to 10 years name understanding spoken French as their biggest challenge. I created the Oral Gymnastics course for those people: those who need or want to understand spoken French. I hope you enjoy it!


Lesson 1 Stop butchering the French R
Lesson 2 Practicing the French R
Lesson 3 Solving a problem with the D, L, N, and T sounds
Lesson 4 Make the syllable breaks in the right places.
Lesson 5 Advanced R Training (Rs at the beginnings of words)
Lesson 6 U versus OU sounds
Lesson 7 U versus OU training.
Lesson 8 Now you’re ready to start training!

The links below are to audio recordings that I would like you to download and listen to on your telephone or in your car.

Click here to get the introduction to these coaching sessions so you understand how oral gymnastics gives you a foundation for better comprehension.

Click here to get the transcript so that you don’t have to look anything up in a dictionary.

Coaching session for Track 2 of the French Beekeeper interview

Coaching session for Track 3 of the French Beekeeper interview

Ready to get started? Download the two recordings below. These are the recordings I would like you to echo over and over and over… I bet you’ll enjoy it:

Native speaker’s slow echoing recording for Track 2

Native speaker slow echoing recording for Track 3