French Accent improvement

These recordings will help you improve your French accent. Practice speaking right after the speakers and pay attention to how they move their tongue and lips.

The idea here is to learn the French mouth position.

How to get started :

Start with the French R Trick because tongue placement is the most important part of the French mouth position. Click here to learn how to pronounce the French R sound.

And, to take your “mouth position” work further…

If you aren’t sure how to use the slow echoing recordings, I’ll explain in this recording (just click to listen)

And here are the recordings. These absolute gold for anyone who wants to improve their French accent. My recommendation: download these and put them into your iPhone or listen via USB while driving. Once you start echoing these, you will feel how valuable they are. But you have to make the sounds. Just listening won’t work.

First, to follow along with these, you’ll want to transcript. Download it by clicking here.

French beekeeper interview slow echoing CD track 2

French beekeeper interview slow echoing CD track 3